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Dip I Hyp NLP

Quit Smoking

How it works.

Session one will be 1hour and 30 minutes long, we begin discussing the area of concern in detail, finding out what triggers the problem, when the problem occurs and when it does not. This question and answers session gives me a map of exactly what is happening in your life and helps pinpoint the root of the problem. We then discuss what your favourable outcome would be and the possible solutions. Finally I will take you into a light guided hypnotic trance. This is totally safe and very relaxing, you will be in control at all times and aware of your surroundings.

Session two Will be 1 hour long and based upon information gathered from session 1, I will tailor your treatment to your personal needs. A deep visual hypnotic trance will follow where your subconscious mind is given suggestions that can help eradicate and replace deep rooted troublesome ways of thinking and behaving.

Session three Will be 1 hour long (if required) will be to gauge the level of progress from previous sessions and to strengthen the clients inner subconscious resolve by utilising effective proven techniques during a deep hypnotic trance.