lawrence T netto

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Stress Management

About Lawrence T Netto

My first encounter with hypnosis was back in 1992 when I was the owner of a residential recording studio in Suffolk, England. Everything was going well, I had an 18 room Georgian country house, a beautiful wife, two young sons. I had attained everything I had wanted in life. Then the recession of the late 80's/90's hit and interest rates spiralled to beyond 14%

The mortgage repayments and business loans spiralled, the clients who were usually record labels were taking longer to settle their bills, sometimes delaying payment up to four months. The knock on effect was huge amounts of stress. My wife had recently given birth to our second son and was suffering from post natal depression adding to the overall stress.

Eventually the marriage broke down and my wife decided to leave home taking the children with her. The business collapsed, I had a nervous breakdown, bankruptcy soon followed. I was now on two separate prescriptions for antidepressants, and was contemplating suicide. I was totally alone and realised that my doctor and modern medicine had no way to help me other than prescribing me pills. The only one who could help me was me.

So I flushed the pills away, went to a bookshop in London called Foyles, in Charring Cross Road, and came home armed with six books on self-hypnosis. I studied the techniques to help control my mental anguish and to ease and control the inner pain. To this day I attribute hypnotherapy with saving my life. I know it works. Since then the techniques have became a part of my daily life.

Many, many years later I was having lunch one day with a close friend, who was a practising psychologist in Harley Street, London. I mentioned that I was looking for a career change but wasn't sure in what area. My friend responded by saying that if he had his time again he would probably study to become a clinical hypnotherapist.

That was a light bulb moment for me, after all it was what had saved my life all those years ago, and I use the techniques on a daily basis.

So I studied hard and qualified for my diploma, then set up practice in Brighton, and it has been a life changing experience for me and also my clients.

When people come to me, they have usually tried everything that modern medicine has to offer and nothing has worked, and in so many cases they have had to suffer their problem for many years.

So it is very gratifying to be able to help people and see genuine results.