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Julia: Account Director. London.

Area of concern: Public Speaking.

I went to see Lawrence because I was suffering from severe nerves when presenting to large groups for a large corporate company. This was slowly getting worse over time. As this is an integral part of my job, it’s something I needed to deal with. After just two sessions my nerves reduced dramatically and as a result my confidence when presenting has returned. His professional but friendly approach put me completely at ease, I would definitely recommend Lawrence.

Thomas: TV & Film Composer. Brighton.

Area of concern: Phobia.

I have been terrified of hospitals for as long as I can remember, so when my local hospital wrote to me saying I needed to have a colonoscopy because my screening test showed an abnormal result, I knew I was going to need some help. So I went to see Lawrence, I had three sessions and in that time he gave me the tools I needed to cope with my fear. When I arrived at the hospital I was calm and all through the colonoscopy I was calm and in control. So many thanks for all your help.

Claire: Business Development Director. Hove.

Area of concern: Stress/Self Esteem.

The sessions with Lawrence helped me clear my head and gave me space to focus on what was really important. The sessions enabled me to untangle my thoughts and emotions and get more perspective on things that were stressing me out. I felt calmer and more in control, and made clearer decisions as a result. If you lose your way as we all do on occasion, if you're stressed and in need of a confidence boost, then I would definitely recommend some hypnotherapy sessions with Lawrence.

Charlotte: Head of Events for a Software Company. London.

Area of concern: IBS

Working with Lawrence has changed my life. The freedom his techniques have given me, as an IBS sufferer, have allowed me to become happier and more outgoing. I would highly recommend him. 

Rob: Musician. Brighton.

Area of concern: Smoking Cessation, Anxiety.

Lawrence has helped me to quit smoking and generally reduce my anxiety levels. The relaxed atmosphere that Lawrence generates makes the hypnotherapy sessions something to look forward to. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after my sessions with Lawrence I would definitely recommend him, whatever your problems may be.

Carole: Music industry manager. Bedford.

Area of concern: Fear of Flying.

'I was introduced to Lawrence through a mutual friend after I mentioned I had experienced panic attacks on a recent long distance flight. Having flown regularly for many years these attacks had started after a particularly turbulent flight from South Africa to London. In my mind this frightening journey seemed to re-appear in my mind on any flight with turbulence.

I realised this was irrational, but still couldn't fight the feelings of terror I was having, so decided to meet with Lawrence and see if he could help. We only had two sessions which included relaxation and positive methods of coping with my fear of having a 'bad flight'. After the second session I felt more able to cope with a flight I had coming up in December 2015 to Melbourne. This would be the first time I had flown on my own on such a long flight; a total of 22 hours in the air with two landings and take off's.

Lawrence had kindly provided me with mp3s of our hypnotherapy sessions and armed with this, and the relaxation exercises, I felt far more confident in boarding the first plane to Dubai. Luckily there was no major turbulence on this leg of the journey, just a few bumps coming down. On the longer leg, from Dubai to Melbourne, I played the mp3s through my new noise reducing headphones my husband had bought me and this helped when there was any turbulence. Landed in Melbourne safely- so far so good!

My daughter and I had decided to take a short trip to Sydney whilst I was over in Oz. Unfortunately, the flight coming into Sydney was not good as we landed in a freak rainstorm and just as we were descending the plane just seemed to drop and many passengers seemed pretty frightened. I just repeated some of the phrases from the mp3s which I then knew off by heart and all was well and we landed safely!

The last leg of the journey started from Melbourne with a 14 hour night flight but I managed to get some sleep. When it started to get bumpy, I again just repeated some of the phrases to myself which I knew, with my eyes closed and this really helped. Luckily the flight to London from Dubai was on a beautiful clear day and the A380-800 experienced no turbulence, even on take off or landing.

All in all seeing Lawrence and actively using his methods of dealing with my fear and panic has helped me dramatically and I intend to continue with this on any future flights.'